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Business Setup in Dubai,UAE


Business Setup in Dubai

The UAE offers incoming business with all the advantages of a highly developed economy, and with opportunities booming in the world of business today, International Companies seeking to establish a business in Dubai, have a host of alternatives.

Types of Business Setup:

Mainland Setup UAE main land consist of all Business Entities which are directly registered under, each emirates government and its authorities with the limitation of commercialized geographical areas . These main Land setups directly represent the Government policies and its and its legal Structure towards its most developed Economy.

Free Zone Setup 

Free zones are developed to support economic reform; to act as pressure valves to alleviate growing unemployment; to serve as experimental labs for the application of new policies and approaches; and to attract FDI.The strategic location decision is driven by market potential and the growth of the market share; the proximity to the customer base; the quality and cost of labor, the quality of the transport network, and the incentives offered would be the key features of a free zone setup.
UAE economy is clearly divided between the onshore sector , dominated by local business interests, with restrictions on foreign ownership, and the offshore sector which consists of a number of Free zones. There are no taxes to speak of, on or offshore, but 100% foreign ownership and customs privileges make the free zones the most favorable locations in the Middle East for international operations. We offer our professional services and expertise in the formation of companies in all free zones of UAE including Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone), Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA), Dubai Airport Free zone Authority (DAFZA), Hamariyah Free zone Authority, Ajman Free Zone Authority, Ras Al Khaimah & Fujairah free zone Authorities.

Offshore Setup

The words offshore business and offshore company have no precise legal, tax or general business meaning. The word offshore often means nothing more than anywhere other than the place of physical location of the person using the word (i.e. overseas). We use the words offshore business & offshore company as terms of definition in connection with matters such as the structuring of international business & family wealth management or tax planning.
Incorporation of an offshore company (or non-resident company) can be used for various purposes. One of the most common is the use of an offshore company as a holding company to hold interests in other companies in various jurisdictions, to hold trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights, as well as to serve as the holding company for licensing of franchises. The income from taxable jurisdiction flowing to the offshore company (holding company) is not taxable.

Trakhees Setup
Trakhees is a new organisation under Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation established to combine and streamline all licensing and permit functions within the corporation and its areas of jurisdiction It covers commercial licensing, Civil Engineering, Building Permits and Construction Quality Monitoring as well as Environmental, Health and Safety issues on July 1st of 2008, the new department Trakhees nt into operation and the objective of establishing Trakhees started to materialize PCFC,

Dubai World Business Units, the Engineering Community interacting with Trakhees, and the Dubai World Communities now have a one stop shop where all their licensing and government services can be done.

LLC License Setup

business setup in abu dhabi
A limited liability company, also known as a company with limited liability, is a flexible form of enterprise that blends elements of partnership and corporate structures. It is the most common form of business entity currently formed in UAE.

A limited liability company can be formed by a minimum of two and a maximum of 50 persons whose liability is limited to their shares in the companys capital.

The minimum equity participation by UAE national is 51% and 49% that of owner. Capital required to form a limited liability company in Dubai is AED 300,000 (US$ 81,744) contributed in cash or in kind. The capital shall not be less than three hundred thousand dirham divided into equal shares the value of each not less than thousand dirham.

However, in other Emirates viz., Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah etc., the capital requirement is AED 150,000 (US$ 40,872). Profit or loss distribution can be prescribed and responsibility of management of an LLC can be vested in the foreign or national partners or third party. The shares of such company are not open for subscription by the public and they do not issue negotiable shares.

Such company shall not conduct the business of insurance, banking or investment of money for others. These shares shall not be represented by negotiable instruments. If a body corporate is to be a shareholder in a Limited Liability Company under incorporation, then the capital of the Limited Liability Company shall be double the capital of the company wishing to be a shareholder. If non-nationals holding shares in such company, the U.A.E.) Business Set up Limited Liability Company, LLC
Activities in LLC License
Single Trading, General Trading, Contracting, Transportation, Technical Services, Advertising Agency, etc.
Process of establishing an LLC
To Establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in UAE, Establishing an LLC, Client has to follow defined procedures:

  • It is necessary to avail license from the Department of Economic Development or the Municipality.
  • Preliminary Consent for Name and Activity from the Department of Economic Development is the pre-requisite.
  • In the case of Special Nature Activity, the approval from concerned Ministry/Department is the groundwork step.
  • One has to draw up company’s Memorandum of Association and has it notarized from courts of respective Emirates.
  • For LLC Company, Capital contribution certificate to be obtained from banks for cash shares and auditor’s certificate for both cash shares and kind shares.
  • Person should submit applications and initial approval along with notarized copy of Memorandum of Association, capital certificate, tenancy contract etc., to the Department of Economic Development or the Municipality.
After inspection by the legal department, the Company name will be entered in the Commercial Register and have its Memorandum of Association published in the Ministry of Economy and Commerce Bulletin

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Residence Visa for Students over 18 in UAE

UAE NEWS:Residence Visa for Students over 18 in UAE

Residence Visa for Students over 18
You can get residence visa for your son who is over 18 age under your sponsorship fulfilling certain rules. . You will be able to renew his residence in UAE. There is no need to cancel the visa.

For example if the son’s residence visa which expires in September (at that time son is under 18 age), the sponsor’s son has 30 days after the expiry, and when the period of 30 days has lapsed, a new residence permit may be applied for his son if he need to continue his higher education within the UAE, and in this event, the new visa will be valid only for one year and must be renewed annually.

In a move to solve the problem faced by many expatriate residents who are not eligible to sponsor their sons aged above 18 years unless they are students of recognized educational institutions in the country, the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) has decided to treat residence visa applications for this category on a humanitarian grounds.

"All the cases classified under the said category are issued residence visa on humanitarian grounds whether they are parents, sons, sisters or brothers provided they furnish a security deposit of AED.5,000. This amount is to be paid only once when the residence visa is granted for the first time and is refunded to the applicant upon visa-cancellation," said Colonel Saeed Mattar bin Bleilah, Director of the DNRD. The AED.5,000 security deposit would not be required every year, for the renewal of the visa.

At the time of renewal of the son's residence visa, only the residence fees need to be paid and not the Dh5,000 deposit which is collected only once, irrespective of how many times it is renewed annually.

As per the UAE Federal Entry and Residency Law and its by-laws issued in a Cabinet order in 1997, an expatriate parent could sponsor his children on residence visa until the boys has reached the age of 18 and until the daughters got married regardless of their age.

Medical Fitness service centres in Dubai

Medical Fitness screening service centres in Dubai,UAE

Below is the list of Medical Fitness screening service centres under Dubai Health Authority. Satwa Medical fitness centre is now temporarily closed for renovation.

Medical Fitness Provider
Client's Category
Contact Number (04)
Working hours during the week
Working hours during Saturday
Service Type

Al Karama Medical Fitness Express Services Center
All Categories except for housemaids (female)
BurDubai behind Al Karama central post office
24 hrs, 48 hrs, 4 hrs

Al-Muhaisnah Medical Fitness Centre
All Categories
Al-Muhaisnah 2
24 hrs
Normal, 24 hrs, 48 hrs, 4 hrs

Satwa Medical Fitness Centre
‘temporarily closed for renovation’
Female/families/Urgent for male
Normal, 24 hrs, 48 hrs, 4 hrs

Al-Mankhool Health Centre
Housemaid of the catchment area
Near Dubai Eid Musllah
Normal, 24 hrs, 48 hrs

Al-Twar Health Centre
Housemaid of the catchment area
Al-Twar, Al-Qusais
Normal, 24 hrs, 48 hrs

Al-Khawaneej Health Centre
Housemaid of the catchment area
Normal, 24 hrs, 48 hrs

Al Bada’a Health Centre
Housemaid of the catchment area
Sheikh Zayed Road- Opposite to Shangri-La Hotel from the Back Side
Normal, 24 hrs, 48 hrs

Al-Lusaily Health Centre
Housemaid of the catchment area
Dubai-Al Ain Road
(Monday and Wednesday only)
Normal, 24 hrs, 48 hrs

Airport Medical Centre
Dubai International Airport Staff
DubaiInternational Airport

Al-Safa Health Centre
Executive employees
Jumeirah 2
VIP service

DubaiInternational Financial Centre
Dubai International Financial Centre Staff
EmiratesTowers – Sheikh Zayed Road
DIFC package=AED 350

Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority
DAFZA’s staff & Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority
Terminal 2 - Dubai International Airport
Normal, 24 hrs, 48 hrs

Jebel Ali Health Centre
JAFZA’s clients and staff
Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority
Normal, 24 hrs, 48 hrs

KnowledgeVillageMedical Fitness Centre
Tecom investments and
executive employees
Next to Dubai Internet City
Normal, VIP, Student sponsored by tecom

Emirates Airline
Emirates Airline Employees
Next to Terminal 1

Al Quoz  Mall Medical Fitness Center
Industrial Quoz 3
Normal, 24 hrs, 48 hrs

Al Rashidyia Medical Fitness Center
Female Only
Al Rashidyia Next to the Police Station
Normal, 24 hrs, 48 hrs

Labour Ban and Contracts in UAE

Labour Ban and Contracts in UAE

This article is provide information regarding labour ban for a UAE work visa holder who had completed two years or more than two years with the current organisation and planning to resign and join another employer. The following questions will be answered in this article.
  • Will there be any employment ban?
  • Eligibility for gratuity
  • Air ticket provision from the current organisation?
  • Serving the notice period
  • Whom should you contact if the current employer refuses to cancel the visa?

Article 117 (1) of the UAE Federal Law No 8 of 1980 states: “Both the employer and the worker may terminate a contract of employment of unlimited duration for a valid reason at any time following its conclusion by giving the other party notice in writing at least 30 days before the termination.”
As per the new information, currently the Ministry of Labour does not impose employment ban on the employee if the employee has completed one year of continuous work with its current employer. Since anyone who have completed continuous job for over one year with your current employer will not get any employment ban. This is applicable in case if you wish to resign from your current employment.

UAE ministry of labour

UAE Gratuity Calculation

Also, if you are working on an unlimited employment work visa contract and have completed more than one year but less than three years of employment. Then you will be entitled to receive one-third gratuity in accordance with the provisions of Article 137 of the UAE Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 which states that: “A worker who is bound by a contract of unlimited duration resigns after continuous service of not less than one year and not more than three years shall be entitled to one-third of the normal gratuity.”

Air Ticket provision

In this case, the worker is resigning from the job and so in accordance with Article 131 of the UAE Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 the employee shall bear the cost of air travel to their home country. However, if the labour contract between the employer and the employee states that the employer to pay such cost, then the cost of return ticket for the employee to his/her home country shall be borne by the company.

Notice period serving when resigned

Article 117 of UAE Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 states a notice period of 30 days is to be given, by either the employer or the employee depending on which party need to terminate the contract. In this case the employee must serve the 30 days notice period.

The worker may approach the Ministry of Labour in case the employer refuses to cancel your visa.

UAE News:UAE to remove 6-month labour ban from Jan 2016

UAE to remove 6-month labour ban from Jan 2016

The labour ban can be dismissed if the work permit and employment are terminated in mutual agreement between employee and employer.

Ministry of Labour Al Qusais Dubai
The New Year will acclaim the ban-free labour sector in the UAE, much to the benefit for thousands of expatriates.

The Ministry of Labour reported that beginning January 2016, it is going to revoke the six months ban rule, if the employees and employer choose for the mutual termination of the work permit.

The new labour law is part of the new resolutions issued by the Mr. Saqr Ghobash Saeed Ghobash - Labour Minister in September this year.

Humaid Rashid bin Dimas Al Suwaidi, Assistant Undersecretary at Ministry of Labour, stated that under the new resolution, employees who desire to terminate job contract with a permission from their employers will be permitted to transfer to other companies, even if they have not completed two years at the present office or company.

However, employees in grade IV and V who have not completed six months with the first job are exempted from this rule, he further added.

Al Suwaidi mentioned that currently workers who have even completed two years are also not permitted to transfer to a different company immediately. They are really allowed to join up another job only after a period of six months from the date of cancellation of the work permit.

Al Suwaidi verified that the new rule is meant to attract and retain talent, and is in line with the strategic objective of the UAE government to being a knowledge-based economy attracting worldwide talent for jobs in UAE.

Entry Permits to Abu Dhabi

Entry Permits to Abu Dhabi

Sometimes prior arrangement of entry permit is required for travelling to Abu Dhabi - capital city of UAE. The type of visa arrangement changes depending on the purpose of visit and duration of stay in Abu Dhabi. The citizens of some countries are granted visas on arrival at the Abu dhabi airport, while others are required to obtain it from the UAE embassies and consulates across the globe or through authorised travel agents prior to travelling.

Etihad airways is also arranging visa for travellers who had booked their flight tickets through Etihad. etihad airlines is the official carrier of Abu dhabi city. Those people who are on a visit visa are not allowed to take up any kind of employment in the country with or without salary as per the UAE law. 
The visitors entry permit allows the visitor to visit the different parts of Abu dhabi and other emirates in UAE.

Working while on a visitor entry permit is illegal and punishable by uae law. the visa rules change frequently so please check them before travelling to abu dhabi or other emirates

How to check visa number on UAE visa

How to check visa number on UAE visa

The visa number can be found on the Visa sticker stamped in your passport page and also on new entry permits if you are coming to UAE for the first time. The number can be seven or more characters long and is printed next to Entry Permit No. in the new entry permits and located next to “File” in the visa sticker on your passport. Be advised that the "Barcode Number" or “Control number” under the barcode is not the Visa number; it is purely used for the recognition by the barcode readers in the immigration department.

Visa number is given as Entry Permit No. starting with 201/YYYY/XXXXXXXX in new entry permits and a number starting with 201/YYYY/XXXXXXX next to "File" in the sticker stamped in your passport.

Please click here to check the status of your UAE visa application and follow the instructions. If your application is approved it will show the status.

The toll-free number (8005111) of immigration department’s Amer service will provide your enquiries on visa and residency issues of the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai. The new eDNRD system is applicable for all applicants and should use eforms for the applications.

Residence change Visa rules in UAE

Residence change Visa rules in UAE

Dubai has made some changes in residence visa rules with effect from 1st May 2014. As per the new visa rules a person working in a private company should have Dirhams 10000 salary or Dirhams 9000 plus accomodation in labour contract to sponsor his wife and children on residence visa. Earlier this was Dhs. 4000 or Dhs.3000 plus accomodation.
Dubai Immigration - DNRD
The new visa rule will not affect people
 renewing residence visas of their families
who are already living in Dubai. 
The labour contract must be attested from the immigration department.  General Directorate of Foreigners and Residency Affairs informed that the new rules will be strictly followed. The changes will not affect the residents who already have a residence visa and they can renew it with the old labour contract.

The list of documents required for a family residence visa includes the spouse’s recent passport photograph, passport copies of both husband and wife, and children, and a copy of the applicant’s valid residence visa.

Visa Application forms are available at accredited typing centres at the headquarters of the GDRFA in Al Jafliya area, or at any of the over 20 external centres.
A salary certificate for government employees or a contract of employment for private staff is also a must. 
The applicant will also have to bring an attested marriage contract, a tenancy contract, a recent electricity and water bill, a copy of the Emirates ID card, medical insurance, as well as an attested birth certificate in the case of children.

Visit visas

DNRD officials clarified that the conditions remain same for visit visas for families — Dh4,000 or Dh3,000 with company accommodation. “Applicants of all nationalities except two countries need to be drawing a monthly salary of only Dh4,000 or Dh3,000 as well as accommodation as was the case before,” he said.
“Only Egyptian and Syrian applicants for a family visit visa are required to be drawing a monthly salary of Dh,10,000 or Dh9,000 plus accommodation – the same condition as in family residence visa,” he said.

Update: 02.05.2014

The DNRD officials has reported that the reports came in the media is wrong and the salary limit for sponsorship remain same at 4000 Dhs as per UAE Visa rules.

Overstaying Charges in UAE

Overstaying Charges in UAE

The overstaying charges will come for children or wife or anyone else who has overstayed in UAE for more than 30 days after cancelling their visa. Most situations arise when a sponsor lost his job and has to cancel his dependant's visa before getting his new visa. Then the family member's visa has to be cancelled who are on husband's sponsorship.
overstay in uaeYou should be out of UAE within 30 days after cancelling the visa. What will happen if you stay back in the UAE for more than 30 days after cancelling visa? What would be the fine for each day of overstay? Or, will it become a police case? Read below for the answers.

As per the immigrations rules, one has to leave the country within 30 days after cancellation of visa. Since the children's visas were cancelled on September 3, they are either supposed to stamp new visas or leave the country within 30 days.

In case of overstay, they will be subject to fine only. Please note that it will not become a criminal case. However, your children will be subject to a fine of Dh120 each for the first day and thereafter Dh25 for each day. Furthermore, you can contact directly AMER service on 8005111, a 24-hour hotline for visa and naturalization issues, recently opened by the government for such queries.

Update 17-02-2014

As per DNRD website overstay fines should be paid by the violators of the Entry and Residence of Foreigners Law (who stay in the UAE over the legal period specified according to the validity of their entry permit.)

Required Documents: 
  1. Original and copy of the relevant applicant passport.
  2. Copy of entry permit (If available)

A revised fees of AED(50) will be collected per day.

Dubai Visa Status Online Check

Dubai Visa Status Online Check

The website from General Directorate of Residency – Dubai has the facility to check the Dubai visa status and information about DNRD applications. The GDRFA site provides a Query DNRD App page to check about the visa status and other immigration applications. The status of following immigration forms applied in DNRD can be checked through the Dubai immigration portal by entering the basic application information like smart form number or application number. The current status of your visa can also be checked by entering the visa number.
  • Entry permit validity
  • UAE Residence validity
  • eDNRD Application
  • eFORM Application
  • Residence Application Status – This will show the status of passport that has been submitted to DNRD for visa stamping as whether it is processed or not.
Dubai Visa Status check screen
Screen view of Dubai Visa Status checking
Dubai immigration also started a smart mobile application from their website for checking the status and validity of visit visas and other immigration transactions. The new mobile service from General Department of Residency and Foreign Affairs in Dubai will enable the public to check about the status of Dubai visas and other immigration transactions.

DNRD eServices is a fully integrated online system designed for minimizing the time required on managing your application and other transactions with DNRD. Residents does not need to register to use this services. DNRD online system is very helpful for users for making applications and other immigration services. eDNRD is the online portal for this service and online applications can be typed through

Click here to view the Dubai Visa Status

How to check UAE Visa status online?

How to check UAE Visa status online?

Residents can now check the UAE Visa Status through online. The real time website of immigration is now enabled to give the status of Entry permit validity, eDNRD Application Status, eForm Appplication Status and Residence validity. The service is provided by GDRFA-Dubai through eDNRD website.

Dubai city is a secure place in the world with different nationalities that has endless ways to enjoy and gain experience. The online service has enabled the completion of transactions of GDRFA through online systems. This has reduced the time spend in the administration building or service centers of immigration department.

GDRFA-D eServices is an online integrated immigration processing system designed to reduce the time you spend on making your application and other transactions with GDRFA-D. All details should be provided as per the residence visa stamped in your passport to check your UAE Visa Status. If your visa is issued from Dubai, then you can check online through the DNRD website. Look for the term "Query DNRD App" in

Procedures for an Entry Permit for a Partner or a Foreign Investor

Procedures for an Entry Permit for a Partner or a Foreign Investor

Entry permits procedure for a Partner or Foreign investor as per UAE immigration law to start a business in Dubai.

This service allows the customer the possibility of the request for an entry permit for a foreign partner or investor after fulfillment of all conditions required to issue the entry permit. A resident of UAE can sponsor access to this service. This service provides the management of access permissions for business in the UAE. Doing business in Dubai has become a lot easier with the investment options and facilities like free zone, less import and export procedures, low rates for installation of establishments, low rent, etc.

The below mentioned documents are required by the investor or partner to apply for an entry permit in UAE.
  1. Application form for issuance of entry permits for a foreign partner or investor Prepaid via the (e-form) included a photograph of the site is guaranteed by the authorized person in the establishment card + the company's seal on the application. 
  2. A copy of the passport of a partner or investor (you must be a partner or investor has reached the legal age 18 years). 
  3. Original and copy of establishment contract or agent contract services issued by the court. 
  4. Original and copy of business license and accessories from the record. 
  5. The extension of trade names of partners (valid). 
  6. Original and copy of establishment card (valid). 
  7. The company's statement of account from the bank for the last 3 months (if passed by the issuance of the license more than a year).
The fees and rates for the application and processing to start a business in Dubai are following. 

  • AED.220 fees for permission to enter paid work through the application (e-form) 
  • AED.510 fees for issuing entry permits within the State.
  • AED.20,030 amount of financial security for the investor in the professional license. You will get AED.20,000 financial guarantee refund when you cancel a residence and leave the country.  
  • The value of the amount of financial security for a partner in the business licenses is as follows:

1.       AED.10,030  if the partner's share is Seventy Thousand Dirhams (AED.70,000) and over and will get the refund of this amount when you cancel a residence and leave the country.
2.       AED.20,030 if the partner's share is less than Seventy  Thousand Dirhams (AED.70,000) and will get the refund of this amount when you cancel a residence and leave the country.

The application can be processed in the office hours from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm from the offices of Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD). The services are offered in the below mentioned locations. 

Sector Service Centers of Foreign Affairs - Department of Tawar new
Al Awir Centre
GDRFA Main Branch
Hatta Centre
Jabel Ali Centre
Sector Service Centers of Foreign Affairs - Department of Dnata Deira
Sector Service Centers of Foreign Affairs - Department of Emirates
Sector Service Centers of Foreign Affairs - Arab Center Section
Sector Service Centers of Foreign Affairs - Department of Alvestphal
Sector Service Centers of Foreign Affairs - Department of Aunt leadership of Dubai Police
Sector Service Centers of Foreign Affairs - Department of Medical Fitness
Sector Service Centers of Foreign Affairs - Department of the Free Zone
Sector Service Centers of Foreign Affairs - Department of bin Sougat
Sector Service Centers of Foreign Affairs - Department of Jebel Ali
Sector Service Centers of Foreign Affairs - Department of Hyatt Regency
Sector Service Centers of Foreign Affairs - Department of Municipal Clinic
Foreign service center industry - Lighthouse Center
Foreign service center industry - Rashid Hospital
Foreign service center industry - Electricity and Water Authority / DEWA
Sector Service Centers of Foreign Affairs - Department of Safa Clinic
Sector Service Center of Foreign Affairs - Ruler's Court
Sector Service Center of Foreign Affairs - Department of Allsella
Foreign Service Sector Centre - Dubai International Financial Centre
Foreign Service Centers - Dubai Media City

Business setup services in dubai,UAE

Business setup services in dubai,UAE

Irrespective of the type of company that you require to form in Dubai, it will save you time, money, & hard work to consult a company that can help you to start your business. Although setting up a business in Dubai is simpler compared to other countries in the Middle East, the process can still be complicated because you require to understand local business laws & regulations. For lots of years, Future Way Business Services has helped hundreds of company start-ups.

Opening a company in Dubai is ideal for entrepreneurs who require to live & work in this vibrant country. For investors who don't require permanent residence, it is recommended to establish offshore companies.

  Apply for trade licenses
  Incorporate businesses for all types (limited liability companies, joint ventures, & branch offices)
  Choose company name
  Open bank accounts
  Establish merchant services
  Application or renewal of Visa
  Clear business documents
  Find local sponsors
  Promote & market company
  Protect intellectual property
Getting access to the right business intelligence is crucial before entering a brand spanking new market. This is true for startups who require to do business in Dubai.

Almashora Business Services provides you a variety of business consultancy services, so you can be armed with the right knowledge & you can start your operations with business & strategy.

They have the right people & the best tools to do the job for you. Our cost range is very affordable & suited to all business sizes from small & medium enterprises (SMEs) to large corporations. 
Every business startup in Dubai has its own particular requirements & so ought to be treated individually. This is why they are flexible with the services that they offer to our clients. If, after looking through our list of services, there is something that you require that is not covered, don't hesitate to get in contact with us, & they will do what they can to help you. No matter how large or small it is, they will be glad to help! They are placing our extensive experience in providing services to the Dubai business community at your disposal. tell us what you require & let our knowledgeable staff see what they can do to accommodate you.

They have the best people in the field who can help you write a feasibility study to choose if there is a market for your product or service in Dubai. They can also conduct a market survey for you to choose the feasible customer acceptance for your products & services. In the event you are planning to invest in actual estate, they can offer you the necessary information so you can make the best choices.

However, they urge you to look over our comprehensive list of services to see if what you require is listed. Our company provides a complete suite of business services for start ups & businesses of all sizes. If so, get in contact with us so that you can avail of it. Almashora Web Business Services LLC is dedicated to helping every business find success in Dubai. & our services are priced competitively so that they will suit businesses of all budget sizes.
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